January is typically the start of membership renewal for the year and is a good opportunity to provide a reminder of the minimum requirements expected of members:

1.      Invoices will be sent out shortly for annual membership fees. These must be fully paid by 01 March 2015.
2.      Members are encouraged to attend at minimum four of the functions planned for 2015.
3.      The name and surname of all people attending functions must be provided when making a booking. Proof of payment must be sent with the member’s name as reference to secure a booking. No cancellations (refunds) will be permitted within one week of the function.
4.      Regalia must be worn by members at all functions.
5.      Guests are welcome to attend functions however this will be restricted to a maximum of two guests per member where availability is limited.
6.      A guest who has attended three or more functions will be required to apply for Chaine membership.
7.      Professional members that would like to check their eligibility for promotion this year should please contact their Baillie to discuss.
8.      All members must visit the international website to update their personal details at least 4 four times a year.


by Phillip Mostert